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Poncho Vino was a hit at the VA Wine Festival

Many amused and amazed by new Poncho Vino designs

9/21/2007 -- The 32nd Annual VA Wine Festival was the festival debut of Poncho Vino.  The night before, Jimmy and Elizabeth learned how to put up the brand new Poncho Vino tent with the help of veteran festival exhibitor Andrew.  After a last minute run to the Home Depot, the Poncho Vino tent was ready for its entrance onto the festival scene. 

On Saturday, Heather used her sailing skills to keep the Poncho Vino tent from succumbing to the insanely high winds that overtook the festival (other vendors were not so lucky... Ray's tent flew away).  Thanks to the Threads of Peace guys letting us lash ourselves to them, we managed to form a larger, more stable tent.  Gina was delighted to find that her design suggestion sold rather quickly and wondered why Elizabeth hadn't made more of them.  Kirk provided stability to the rack of ponchos which kept threatening to blow away.  We sold many ponchos, drank lots of wine, and had much fun despite the wind!

Sunday was a much slower day at the festival.  Our poor location (in a sink hole at the bottom of the festival) was not inviting to the meager crowd that attended on Sunday.  However, our volunteers were out in full force... Teresa talking up all of the other vendors, a quite pregnant Kim showing off our "It's a Boy" poncho, and Anne Marie and Keri modeling the hand painted Poncho Vino t-shirts at many a wine tasting station.  We had a surprise volunteer in Eduardo, who having proven his love for Poncho Vino, quickly became known as the Poncho Vino Dude.  Much fun was had with a lovely picnic in our booth, although the lesson was learned that if one is exhibiting at the VA Wine Festival, you must be close to the entrance or Sunday will not be successful in the sales department.

Check back here periodically for more opportunities to see Poncho Vino up close at a festival or send an email to us to be put on our e-news list (your address won't be sold or used for anything other than periodic Poncho Vino announcements).

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